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Lutz Salentin
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Studying Computer Science


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Modern Warfare

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Modern Warfare

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4 months ago
silversurfer Hope you all had a good Christmas and all the Best for 2018
Dec 27
19 months ago
silversurfer Still around but ain't playing!
Sep 09
38 months ago
silversurfer Sorry to hear this sad news Beppe thoughts are with you.
Feb 26
40 months ago
silversurfer Hope you all have a good 2015
Jan 05
silversurfer Hope you get it sorted Chic or another one.
Dec 27
41 months ago
silversurfer Server will run until money is gone.
Dec 03
silversurfer Any Members still using their I.D at the end of their Tags please remove it until further notice.
Nov 16
42 months ago
silversurfer Guests and Members servers there please use it ! |---------->
Nov 11
silversurfer Good things come to those who wait!
Nov 09
silversurfer Fernando that link for youtube only takes you to their front page?
Nov 02
43 months ago
silversurfer You as well Chic.
Oct 01
silversurfer I ain't Volker ....
Sep 26
silversurfer Happy Birthday Beppe!
Sep 21
silversurfer Public general under Clan server donations....J
Sep 16
silversurfer Sorry missed last night was out!
Sep 16
silversurfer i.p and port...
Sep 15
44 months ago
silversurfer Hello Chic...:)
Sep 06
silversurfer I'd be happy if I was not working the weekend.
Aug 31
silversurfer I'll be missing in game for a while.
Aug 27
45 months ago
silversurfer Welcome back Phil...:)
Aug 06
46 months ago
silversurfer This clan will continue to provide Cod4 server for Gamers!
Jul 12
59 months ago
silversurfer Its good to see you Isaias hope all is well. :)
Jun 14
61 months ago
silversurfer added a new comment on the photo d2 fantastic
Apr 19
silversurfer Call of Duty 4 Status Unknown Manage <---no control... provider problem again.
Apr 11
silversurfer That's both back online.
Apr 10
silversurfer The 133 server is running the 131 ain't for some reason. Yesterday it was the other way round!
Apr 10
silversurfer Ain't you glad they don't run life support machines.
Apr 09
silversurfer Fingers crossed the sever has no lag issues today.
Apr 09
silversurfer As you can see there is obvious problems with the server and that's down to the provider....grrrr
Apr 08
silversurfer Server is up and running but the connection is crap at the moment.
Apr 08
silversurfer From the provider....One of our Core switches has failed, and this is been looked into. I can't do anything sorry :(
Apr 07
silversurfer Happy Easter.
Mar 31
silversurfer Number of reasons Sasha one's the new i.p address its not helping us.
Mar 27
silversurfer Hello Bob hope your well.
Mar 25
62 months ago
silversurfer Well done Ben.
Mar 06
silversurfer and F713 Aconit are now friends
Mar 04
silversurfer We're going to have to ban this idiot who's adding to this page!
Mar 03
silversurfer Thanks Bob.
Mar 01


Lutz the rules clearly state DO NOT SWEAR not in any format or you will be removed from the server, take this up in the banned section if you want to be heard and state your case there
Saturday, 25 February 2012 12:47

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