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aged 48, married been with the wife for 30yrs in total, we have 2 boys aged 20 & 22


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Unreal tournament, MOH series, Cod series, Need for speed series
Have a ps3 with cod series & need for speed series need i say more.....ADDICTED lol
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Brecourt, Carantan
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Cod series

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United Kingdom
24 months ago
betol I hope you and your families are all staying safe and well. Bob and I are running a world of warships blitz team on iPad or phone under DD2 if anyone of you would like to join us there
Jun 09
25 months ago
betol I hope you and your families are all staying safe and well
Jun 01
50 months ago
-nMg-Grmm uploaded a new avatar
May 06
marshalllaw I remembered my password 😊
May 02
81 months ago
Hi all. I'm still playing very often and it's sad but understandable. We can still find each other. I can let you know the servers I use, perhaps othe
Oct 20
86 months ago
marshalllaw Hope everything's Ok Charlie! I do keep popping in every so often, but I don't seem to coincide with anyone :(
May 13
88 months ago
marshalllaw Hi Guys, I'm still alive, sorry just really busy. Hope to catch up soon.
Mar 30
89 months ago
marshalllaw Sorry not been around, new job. Hope to see you soon. So sorry to hear your sad news Beppe, take care.
Mar 03
91 months ago
marshalllaw Happy New Year all, see you soon
Jan 02
marshalllaw Hi Jon m8
Dec 08
92 months ago
marshalllaw Indeed
Dec 03
marshalllaw getting fussy in your old age Beppe :)
Nov 11
marshalllaw Great to see so many old friends on the server last night. :)
Nov 11
marshalllaw Sorry disappeared the other day - COD4 Crash :(
Nov 10
93 months ago
marshalllaw Keep running round on my own for a while. Got in late on Monday too :(
Oct 30
94 months ago
marshalllaw Sorry didnt make it on Monday, had to work :(
Oct 08
marshalllaw Hi Charlie
Sep 26
hannibal Somany D2 go in OSG Clan !!??
Sep 25
marshalllaw Hello Rob mate, how's things?
Sep 24
marshalllaw Happy Birthday Grandpa :)
Sep 22
Sep 22
marshalllaw Cheers J, done :)
Sep 17
marshalllaw Meant to ask..... where do we donate now the other website has gone?
Sep 16
marshalllaw Wasn't the same without you, James :) Good fun though, Beppe on good form as usual
Sep 16
marshalllaw Number 3 in the rankings :) That won't last long
Sep 16
95 months ago
Sep 08
marshalllaw Good fun last night, thanks guys :)
Sep 02
marshalllaw Happy weekend all
Aug 29
96 months ago
marshalllaw I am now! Bit late I think. :) Got in, in the end
Jul 29
marshalllaw Arrgghh cant get in, ping too high, grr
Jul 28
marshalllaw Hi Volker
Jul 23
hannibal Hallo Clan familie:)
Jul 23
marshalllaw Cheers James
Jul 19
Jul 18
marshalllaw I the Community bit we have Senior members, Members, Recruits and the PIT, for people we never see anymore. poor old Gaz is still i the pit, poor soul.
Jul 17
marshalllaw Gaz is in the PIT :)
Jul 16
marshalllaw Still here....
Jul 14
105 months ago
JaxX uploaded a new avatar
Nov 08

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