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Member since Wednesday, 13 July 2011 15:11
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like to play cod, movies and electronic music.


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2 years
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creeck overgrown
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cod 4

Where are you in the world?

36 months ago
F713 Aconit U miss me all :(
Dec 22
F713 Aconit Merry Christmas to ex :( D2
Dec 22
38 months ago
F713 Aconit D2 is dead....sad news....i'm agree with u beppe...Bye
Oct 09
39 months ago
F713 Aconit ok Beppe :)
Sep 25
F713 Aconit I'm back .. after some pb i can play now :)
Sep 14
46 months ago
F713 Aconit Condoléances Beppe.... :(
Feb 23
47 months ago
F713 Aconit Bonne année 2015 all :)
Jan 05
49 months ago
F713 Aconit Yep good :)
Nov 09
51 months ago
hannibal Somany D2 go in OSG Clan !!??
Sep 25
52 months ago
F713 Aconit back :)
Aug 05
53 months ago
hannibal Hallo Clan familie:)
Jul 23
64 months ago
hannibal Hello problems in pregnancy when it's over I'm back Regards Volker
Aug 20
bob Hi Guys hope you are all well
Aug 13
66 months ago
hannibal Hi'm back but can only play short times
Jul 01
bob get well soon Volker
Jun 25
hannibal away for a week Must go to Hospital OP on Bandscheibe ther is my 4 OP
Jun 24
67 months ago
bob hi guys hope you are all well
May 31
hannibal Ok server is Back ))
May 15
hannibal Old server is online new is down its information !!
May 15
hannibal Ok ah be Back )))
May 11
68 months ago
F713 Aconit :( Volker as James i hope....
May 07
hannibal Sorry to all no online my Woman is in Hospital ((
May 06
hannibal The old I.p löschen ???
Apr 27
hannibal added a new comment on the photo d2 fantastic
Apr 20
69 months ago
hannibal Hello all D2 Hanni kill yu all )))
Apr 02
hannibal happy Easter all from Fam Boy
Mar 30
hannibal happy Easter all from all Bunny Hopper )))
Mar 29
bob Hi guys, just wanted to say hallo
Mar 25
70 months ago
bob Shes banned too
Mar 04
bob give me his name i will ban him from the forum
Mar 04
bob there you go james i have edited the Welcome message and taken out the casino crap
Mar 01
71 months ago
bob Hallo guys
Feb 06
bob you are all well
Jan 27
bob Hi guys, i hope
Jan 27
bob Hi guys,
Jan 27

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