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Jens-Ole Vigen Jørgensen
About me
Hmm.. You would like to know, now wouldn't you?? but guss what... I already figured you out. :P

Sabaton: Coat of Arms FTW


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Gaming Experience
Hmm. not much to say.
played CoD on and off since cod2. (but never cod3)
and els I played wow for around 5years.
Favourite Map
Dont got one.
Favourite Game
Cod 4.

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Same as the one below and above me.?
74 months ago
bob Hi Guys hope you are all well
Aug 13
75 months ago
bob get well soon Volker
Jun 25
76 months ago
bob hi guys hope you are all well
May 31
78 months ago
bob Hi guys, just wanted to say hallo
Mar 25
79 months ago
bob Shes banned too
Mar 04
bob give me his name i will ban him from the forum
Mar 04
bob there you go james i have edited the Welcome message and taken out the casino crap
Mar 01
80 months ago
bob Hallo guys
Feb 06
bob you are all well
Jan 27
bob Hi guys, i hope
Jan 27
bob Hi guys,
Jan 27
81 months ago
bob Off to Sunny Spain, cya all in 14 days
Jan 10
bob Happy New Year guys
Jan 01
bob Happy New year to all d2 and friends
Dec 29
82 months ago
bob Merry Christmas to all D2, have a fun time
Dec 21
bob have a good weekend
Dec 15
bob added a new comment on the photo Santa-Fe
  • its big
Dec 06
bob added a new comment on the photo will2bl...My new clan members...
  • yes well thats not a problem leave the guy in the middle out
Nov 29
bob and VeNoM are now friends
Nov 28
bob added a new comment on the photo will2bl...My new clan members...
  • now we can talk about camping
Nov 28
bob and -nMg-*will2bl are now friends
Nov 27
bob you to Bill
Nov 27
bob pity J, i do love the old Rovers
Nov 24
bob back from Belgrad, i bloooody hate flying
Nov 23
83 months ago
bob have a great weekend everyone
Nov 16
bob added a new comment on the photo IMAG0201
  • hast du sonst noch hobbies Steff lol
Nov 12
bob good to see you Alex
Nov 11
bob Hi Alex hope you and your family are well
Nov 02
bob added a new comment on the photo facebook_-344973728
Oct 24
84 months ago
bob great fun on OW server last night
Oct 23
bob Hi Guys im back from Serbia, have a great weekend
Oct 19
bob off to Serbia for the week working
Oct 14
bob Happy Birthday Bill, have a swell day
Oct 14
bob Hi sascha aint seen you for a long time
Oct 09
bob Take care Charlie, get well soon
Oct 05
janswe1960 Hope you recover fully Charlie. Take you time and take care mate
Oct 05
bob get well soon Sue
Oct 04
janswe1960 Have a nice holiday Bob:))
Sep 26
bob im off this week Holiday, off to Belgium on thursday
Sep 24
85 months ago
janswe1960 Hope you get well soon sue, take care mate
Sep 22


Hmm. when looking on my side. why not throw me a friend request. XD

Quote: "Reality and I had a fundamental differing of opinions. We're currently undergoing trial separation."
Friday, 15 October 2010 23:37

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