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Member since Wednesday, 29 September 2010 20:35
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I'm one of maniacs who like playing COD4 ;)


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Crash, Crossfire
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Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

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Zielona Góra
2 months ago
silversurfer It’s nice to see members and guests dropping in.
May 18
6 months ago
ocho I hope you are fine. Happy 2018 to all of you
Jan 01
silversurfer Hope you all had a good Christmas and all the Best for 2018
Dec 27
16 months ago
ocho Hi Charlie! I still play COD4 under the nick "Heisenberg" in the BG server. Also Mark (Cowsgomoo) plays there
Mar 24
22 months ago
silversurfer Still around but ain't playing!
Sep 09
25 months ago
ocho Hi there!
Jun 18
34 months ago
ocho just let you know: from november 1st I'll stop paying to maintain the server running. I'm sorry, but it have not sense, it's always empty. There are many reasons, but the main one is that there are no more members who still like to play. Last but not least, I'm the only one paying for it. I still play COD4, but I have not the time to stay in the empty ranked server waiting for players to join... I
Sep 29
ocho IP server has changed. New IP is
Sep 22
ocho if you still like COD4 please pop up in the afternoon/evening. I’m still paying for D2 server, I’m happy to do that, but if server is always empty…
Sep 11
38 months ago
ocho LOL :)
Jun 01
39 months ago
ocho Got a pm Charlie, please let me know
Apr 15
40 months ago
ocho hi Charlie!
Mar 23
41 months ago
silversurfer Sorry to hear this sad news Beppe thoughts are with you.
Feb 26
ocho Sorry for not being around. My father is dead and I lost a part of me
Feb 22
ocho N1 Charlie, see u in game :)
Feb 15
42 months ago
ocho Hi Char, try to type in console: connect
Jan 17
ocho Hi Char, try to type in console connect
Jan 17
silversurfer Hope you all have a good 2015
Jan 05
43 months ago
silversurfer Hope you get it sorted Chic or another one.
Dec 27
ocho Away for 15 days, cu in 2015!
Dec 21
ocho Hi Jon, how are you?
Dec 08
44 months ago
silversurfer Server will run until money is gone.
Dec 03
silversurfer Any Members still using their I.D at the end of their Tags please remove it until further notice.
Nov 16
silversurfer Guests and Members servers there please use it ! |---------->
Nov 11
ocho Agree Jeremy, but they were more sexy with old tags :)
Nov 11
silversurfer Good things come to those who wait!
Nov 09
45 months ago
silversurfer Fernando that link for youtube only takes you to their front page?
Nov 02
ocho Hello Fernando, how are you?
Nov 01
46 months ago
silversurfer You as well Chic.
Oct 01
silversurfer I ain't Volker ....
Sep 26
hannibal Somany D2 go in OSG Clan !!??
Sep 25
ocho Yhank you James :)
Sep 22
ocho Yhank you Jeremy :)
Sep 22
silversurfer Happy Birthday Beppe!
Sep 21
silversurfer Public general under Clan server donations....J
Sep 16
silversurfer Sorry missed last night was out!
Sep 16


Welcome to D2 Kai
Saturday, 09 October 2010 15:57

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