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Well, I'm a grandpa, I love music and I love to play music on my piano.


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Vezzano Sul Crostolo
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Reggio Emilia
3 months ago
betol I hope you and your families are all staying safe and well. Bob and I are running a world of warships blitz team on iPad or phone under DD2 if anyone of you would like to join us there
Jun 09
4 months ago
betol I hope you and your families are all staying safe and well
Jun 01
5 months ago
je5ter69 2020 Lockdown Stay Safe
Apr 16
9 months ago
brandon Nice one James here...
Dec 15
10 months ago
silversurfer If anyone is Interested there's a D2 Server running I.P Port 28960 I am not back playing as yet, but if any member requires Rcon tool password PM me please.
Nov 19
23 months ago
brandon Hi Guys Any chance of resurrecting D2 again, It would be good to see everyone back on D2.
Oct 27
25 months ago
ocho Hi James. I hope you are fine. I still play COD4 almost 1 hour a day. My nick is Heisenberg_IT and I mostly play on BG server, or FH server. I miss the D2 times...
Aug 26
silversurfer Anyone still playing COD4
Aug 16
Aug 16
26 months ago
brandon hello anyone
Jul 25
28 months ago
brandon Hi guys
May 31
silversurfer It’s nice to see members and guests dropping in.
May 18
29 months ago
marshalllaw I remembered my password 😊
May 02
31 months ago
brandon Hi guys, hope you are all doing well
Feb 17
33 months ago
ocho I hope you are fine. Happy 2018 to all of you
Jan 01
silversurfer Hope you all had a good Christmas and all the Best for 2018
Dec 27
Dec 17
42 months ago
ocho Hi Charlie! I still play COD4 under the nick "Heisenberg" in the BG server. Also Mark (Cowsgomoo) plays there
Mar 24
43 months ago
brandon hi guys if you are still about
Mar 18
45 months ago
brandon Merry Christmas to all former D2 members.
Dec 23
49 months ago
brandon Good to see you James.
Sep 17
silversurfer Still around but ain't playing!
Sep 09
50 months ago
brandon Afternoon guys :) :)
Aug 06
52 months ago
brandon Hi guys :)
Jun 18
ocho Hi there!
Jun 18
bullnuts Still alive. Hi guys
Jun 12
brandon Hi D2 former members
May 29
56 months ago
brandon Hi D2 former members.
Jan 31
57 months ago
brandon happy new year to former D2 members.
Dec 31
58 months ago
brandon Merry christmas to all D2
Dec 24


ehi Beppe, fa paura il sito! Molto stile facebook, mi piace un sacco. Anzi, me piace na cifra!
Monday, 02 August 2010 21:24

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